Atlanta SEO Company- Marketing Tips For Any Business

Sep 25, 2013

Running a business, big or small, is never an easy thing to do. Then add in budgets, branding, and MARKETING! Talk about overload for the average business owner! As complicated as this may all sound to manage, it does not have to be, given the right tools. Starting out the right way can make all the difference in your return on investment. As your Atlanta SEO company, we are here to help break this down for you with our exclusive list of Atlanta Marketing Tips For Any Business. Let’s take a look at where to start and how to execute your marketing plan on a budget you can afford!

Atlanta Logo DesignStep #1: Professional Logo Creation

Organizing the foundation of your company was the hard part! Now it’s time for the fun- establishing your professional image and the first step is having a professional logo created for your company. This is NOT a do-it-yourself project. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DO IT YOURSELF PROJECT! To start your company off right, you must create a proper budget to have this done. By hiring a professional Atlanta marketing company, you are hiring their experienced team of graphic designers who have an eye for creating marketing pieces that will grab the attention of your target audience.

Tying in your company’s purpose and meaning into one eye catching image that’s clear and precise is very challenging and should be left for a professional to construct. Having your professional logo created should not be more than $500.00 (at the very most)!

To get a quote on the creation or reconstruction of your company’s logo, contact your Atlanta logo design company today!

Atlanta Web DesignStep #2: Get A Professional Website

Nothing brands your company more than a professional website. Websites are not limited to specific businesses. EVERY business needs a website, especially in an economy that is web based! Now, at the beginning I mentioned “professional” website. This does not mean a simple, self-made, website for temporary use. Sit down, create a solid budget (pricing can range anywhere from $1,500-$5,000 depending on your specific needs).

Website design is not an easy task. There are so many different aspects that go into creating a proper website for your company. Creation of the initial design, properly building and coding it out to prevent future problems, content creation, proper SEO installation, proper plugins and widgets installed, and having it built in a timely manner so you can start gaining online exposure and turning it into profit are just a few reasons why hiring a professional can make all the difference from project start to finish. So when it comes to your website, you either want to put in a little and hope for the best until you can upgrade (which you will end up spending the money to do) or you can start out right and INVEST in your company’s website from the start, as this is the number one branding piece that you will profit the most from- if done properly.

For your complimentary quote on your website design, contact your Atlanta web design company today!

Atlanta SEO CompanyStep 3: Professional Business Cards

Now that you have a professional logo and website established, now it is time to have your business cards professional designed and printed. Though this is a smaller investment, this is the third most important marketing piece that you will need to make a great impression. While your website markets your company online to a variety of demographics, your business cards market you in person as you network. This is vital to understand because first impressions make all the difference in getting a potential customer to come to your location and not your competition down the street. Have your professional Atlanta marketing company create a professional business card design for you that is clear and memorable. When done correctly, the first impression should be the last impression made on your next potential customer.

For additional information on designing your professional business card, contact our graphics team today!

Check out our additional Atlanta SEO services, internet marketing services, and testimonials today!


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Top Commercials of 2013- Atlanta SEO Company

Aug 14, 2013

According to the Daily News, Americans spend over 34 hours a week watching TV, making commercial advertising even more enticing to companies these days. But before you go creating a commercial ad, you must realize that just any TV commercial will not work. Creating a horrible ad will just get the channel turned! So, what’s captivating viewers this year? Take a look at these top commercials viewers are talking about daily and take a page from their book!

Top Commercials For 2013:

Listed at #5: BBQ Best Pair- Hardees ( 440,515 views)



Listed at #4: Zesty Italian Dressing Commercial (2,427,181 views)



Listed at #3: Ship My Pants (19,359,198 views)



Listed at #2: Evian Baby Commercial (59,375,579 views)


Listed at #1: Dove Beauty Sketches (123,676,582 Views)


Which commercial from these top 5 is your favorite? If you are trying to reach your target demographic, but having trouble finding creative ways, contact your Atlanta SEO company today!


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Fun With The X8 Marketing Team!

May 28, 2013

Atlanta SEO Company Team


Holidays are always fun times spent with family and friends. They are even better when spent with our X8 Team! Just wanted to say thank you to our clients at Muzik Over Money who came out to our company cookout this past weekend and spent Memorial Day with us! We truly appreciate all of your support as we continue to grow and look forward to many more years of building positive relationships with our clients.



Now that we have officially launched the Muzik Over Money campaign- here is what they had to say about their Atlanta SEO Company– X8 Marketing:


“All I had was a big idea accompanied by a humble budget. With zero experience in web design and no tech-oriented acquaintances, building a website for my cause was looking close to impossible. Moments away from nearly calling it quits, in a sudden twist of fate, I came across X8 Marketing on GoogleNever before had I seen such a modern, unique and professional website portfolio. X8’s sophisticated presentation, alongside such helpful marketing and web related information, gave me all the confidence I needed to give them a try. Just seconds after my first conversation with the X8 family, I knew I had made the right choice.

I Love X8 Marketing

There are many companies in today’s market all competing against each other for the sake of attracting the most business. However, a painfully small amount of these companies actually do what X8 did for me. The X8 family took the time to get to know me as a person, and never made me feel like a customerEvery

single teammate took personal interest in understanding my vision, identifying my goals and providing the caring, professional support needed to bring my creation to life. X8 had an answer to all my questions, a solution to all my concerns and a naturally talented crew with incredible attention to detail. The team never left me in the dark. I received visual rough drafts and consistent updates every step of the way. X8 made my ideas their priority and they did not accept anything less than perfection. The crew did not rest until I was absolutely satisfied with our product.



In all sincerity, I can say that my expectations were exceeded far beyond my imagination. Not only did I receive an exceptional end result, but more importantly I had the privilege of experiencing the warm, spirited brilliance that is the X8 Marketing family. ”


– Heri G. Bastid / Muzik Over Money (Founder/CEO)


Thank you Heri and Harley for taking the time to trust us as your marketing company and allowing us into your family! We absolutely adore you guys as family and look forward to many


For additional information regarding our Atlanta SEO services or Atlanta Website Design, contact your X8 Marketing team today! Also- view our portfolio here!

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New Project In The Making: Muzik Over Money

May 14, 2013

About a week ago, we got a call from a potential client, that found us on Google, wanting us to create an eCommerce site for his new product line. As we accepted the project, we gained more knowledge about his company and what they stand for today. Not only is Heriberto Bastidas (Founder/CEO) one of the most inspirational people we have met thus far, but his company- Muzik Over Money, actually supports a GREAT cause and we get to be apart of helping him grow it! Though still in process of being built out- here is the project scope and what he stands for!


Project Overview: 

  • Custom Design for New Website
  • Integration of eCommerce system for product line
  • Fully optimized to increase conversion rate
  • Easy function for clients to purchase online
  • Capture the target audience to help support a great cause


Client Mission Statement: 


Final Custom Designed Theme:

Because Muzik Over Money is so unique in their cause and how they want to market it, we decided to make their Atlanta customer designed website stand out loud and proud! Here is the final design! What do you guys think?

Atlanta Website Design_MuzikoverMoney





Check out on Friday- May 17th, 2013 for the final launch and to support a great cause! Shirts are available and additional merchandise soon to come! For additional information, check out their Facebook and Twitter pages to keep tuned in.


You can also review our other SEO website projects here in our portfolio. For more information on our Atlanta SEO companycontact our X8 Team today.

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X8 Upgrades to Dedicated Servers

May 7, 2013

Ever go to a website and wonder why it takes a few seconds for your phone or computer to load the site? Notice how sometimes it seems to pause before even trying to load anything? Don’t start throwing your cell or laptop out the window, but instead, look at the site being loaded. Not only can poorly coded or designed sites load slowly, but the majority of small business sites out there today are on shared hosting.

What is shared hosting?

Dedicated Server AtlantaIt’s what the average person gets when they pick up hosting for their site at the normal joints like GoDaddy or Hostgator. With shared hosting, these companies literally place thousands of websites on each server and overpopulate them in order to maximize their profit margins. What this means for the average website is that at busy times their website is often “throttled” or queued before loading up the site. This makes even a well coded site that may only take 1-2 seconds to load, often take 10-20 seconds to load at no fault of the site or owner other than just being on overcrowded hosting.

What does this do to harm your site’s performance?

Think about the average American consumer. Think about your own browsing habits. How keen are you to wait for 10 or more seconds for a site to load? For many people this is a deal breaker right off the bat and it shows within site statistics through high bounce rates and low conversion. You can have the prettiest website in the world but if that bad boy isn’t loading fast, you’re losing a lot of potential exposure and business.

So what’s the big deal about a dedicated server?

Less than 2% of websites you see on the internet are on dedicated servers, but you can always tell the ones that are. Check out the large company sites such as for example. Even with all the imagery, coding and shopping carts going on with their site, it still loads almost instantly. This ensures that they minimize bounce rate and maximize customer attention, retention, and conversion. Speed is the primary benefit of a dedicated server but the end result is more money for your business.

Why X8 has taken the plunge.

Our business world here at X8 Marketing revolves around ensuring the success of our clients, especially on the internet. When we design a beautiful site, we want to make sure it looks great and loads fast. With our very own dedicated servers we are now able to provide our clients with the fastest load times around and we are able to do it for LESS than what they would spend for shared hosting elsewhere.

How can we do that?

X8 actually pays our hosting company at to rent our very own dedicated servers just for our clients because we want to ensure superior performance in every aspect. By doing so, we are able to limit the number of clients on each server to guarantee speeds but still maintain the technical support and maintenance provided by a larger hosting company. In the end, this allows us to setup the hosting faster for each site, making the development process even more efficient, provide superior website speed for our clients, and obtain better results all without charging a single dime more. It’s just one more advantage you get for using the best web design firm in Atlanta, X8 Marketing.

Outrageous Marketing Ideas: Part 2

May 6, 2013

Last week we showed marketing ideas from McDonald’s, Pepsi, KitKat, The Zoo, and Bounty Paper Towels in Outrageous Marketing Ideas: Part 1. This week, let’s take a look at additional outrageous ideas and see if they catch your eye in Part 2! What do you think about these? Would you stop and stare? Or even better, does it make you want to purchase their product featured?

#1- Foldgers Coffee

I think this has to be one of my utmost favorites. As a coffee drinker, this definitely catches my eye and makes me want a steamy hot cup of coffee! Especially in a cold city like featured.

Foldgers Coffee


#2- Frontline

For the pet lovers in the world, maintaining their flea and tick monthly medication is important to their health. Take a look at how Frontline used their marketing ideas in a mall to attract their demographic. Would this remind you it’s time to purchase your Frontline today?




#3- Mr. Clean

Have you ever had that moment where you had to stop and look at something because it was so clean that it stood out? If you haven’t, then take a walk across this street and see if this catches your eye! A great reminder that dirty never looks good.



#4- Coops Paints

This marketing strategy by Coops Paint caught my eye immediately. I thought this was such a great idea to showcase their new amazing colors by spilling them off the top of the building onto the street. What do you guys think? Would you stop and stare?


#5- Sushi To GO

As a sushi lover, like many others, nothing makes me crave sushi more than seeing it! In addition to seeing it, the fact that it is literally “on the go” is brilliant marketing for this company. What a great idea!



What did you think about the way these companies implemented their marketing ideas to their demographic? Do you think they worked? Getting in front of your target demographic is priority number one. As an Atlanta marketing company who focuses on a variety of SEO services to aid business owners in their growth, we understand that it can be difficult for most business owners to have the creativity needed to market themselves. We are here to help! For more information on your next marketing campaign and how to capture the attention of your target audience, contact your Atlanta SEO Company today for your free consultation! Our team at X8 Marketing is always here to help bring new, fresh ideas to the table to get potential clients walking through your doors.


For additional information on our Atlanta SEO servicescontact our team at X8 Marketing today!

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Outrageous Marketing Ideas: Part 1

May 3, 2013

One of the best aspects of marketing by far is the creativity involved. The number one goal of marketing is getting your company in front of your target demographic and keeping it there. Think of all the companies that invest in marketing that are well known- Google, Chickfila, Aflac, Allstate, Dunkin Donuts, Ford,, McDonalds. These are all multi-billion dollar companies that truly understand the importance of marketing, and at some point in their day, they started small like every other business owner. Take a look at some of the craziest marketing strategies we found and see what you think. Would you stop and look?

#1- McDonald’s

I love McDonald’s marketing campaigns. If I were someone walking to lunch and happen to stumble across McDonald’s french fries or needed a coffee during my day to wake me up, this would absolutely catch my attention and draw me in!


#2- KitKat Bar

Not only is the KitKat song catchy and get’s stuck in my head on every commercial I see, they created another great marketing piece to pull me in harder! Taking a break? Well break me off a piece of that KitKat bar!




#3- The Zoo

The bus wrap with the snake and the “crunching” of the bus is such an intricate piece of marketing that it is truly hard to miss! Looks very surreal and brings out the curiosity in me to visit the Zoo over the weekend!



#4- Pepsi

Pepsi definitely brought out their creativity and humor with this piece. I thought it was quite entertaining and oddly enough, makes me want a Pepsi!


#5- Bounty Paper Towels

Bounty wanted to grab the attention of your average consumer walking the streets, so naturally, they make a big spill to show how little it takes to clean it up! I believe they grabbed the attention they expected!


So what did you think of the marketing ideas these companies implemented? Would you stop and stare, or even more important, would it make you want to buy?Marketing is fun, creative, and vital to every company trying to grow larger in this never ending competitive market! Getting your company branded properly the first time is all it takes to get started. Then working with your Atlanta SEO company to spread the word is how your name goes viral!


For additional information on our Atlanta SEO services, contact our team at X8 Marketing today!

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X8 Rebrands Serenity Medical Health & Beauty Spa

Sep 6, 2012

Serenity Medical Health & Beauty Spa is a spa that specializes in high end cosmetic and natural therapies for a variety of clients. They are located in the Dawsonville, GA area and also focusing on the Alpharetta, GA demographic. They came to us as a client referral in need of help with their re-branding. Let’s take a look at the project scope:

Project Overview: 

  • New Design for Website
  • Fully optimized to increase conversion rate for Dawsonville location
  • Fresh logo for a clean look
  • Email campaign for spa specials

Client Overview: 

Serenity Medical Health & Beauty Spa specializes in a variety of services in the Dawsonville and Alpharetta areas . Some areas of specialization include:

  • Botox
  • Belatero
  • Juvederm
  • Chemical Peels
  • Massage Therapy
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up
  • Facials
  • Body Wraps

Final Custom Designed Logo:

Their logo was already well branded, so we wanted to keep it relatively close to its original design. Instead of changing it fully, we simply softened it for a more spa-like feel. Check out their new logo below:


Medical Spa Dawsonville, GA


Final Custom Designed Theme:

Before we started on their new website design, their current website had a black background with their purple logo. Though bold, we decided to go with calm colors such as the cream and purple for a spa like appeal.Take a look at the final mock-up below:

 Medical Spa Dawsonvile, GA

SEO Services: 

Our objective was to solely focus on the SEO content for Serenity’s website for a variety of services and then integrate monthly blogging services later on. As of today, without blogging services starting, they stand in the number one position for “Medical Spa Dawsonville,GA“.

Medical Spa Dawsonville Google Rankings

In addition to being number one for “Medical Spa Dawsonville, GA”, they are also number one on Google for the following keywords:

  • Belatero Alpharetta
  • Belatero Dawsonville
  • Botox Dawsonville
  • Chemical Peel Dawsonville
  • Juvederm Dawsonville

And in the number two position on Google for “Laser Hair Removal Dawsonville”.


You can also review our other SEO website projects here in our portfolio. For more information on our Atlanta SEO companycontact our X8 Team today.

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X8 Marketing Rebrands Smilescapes

Jul 30, 2012

Smilescapes came to us with quite the project in mind. With expanding to two offices in Alpharetta and Dunwoody, it was time to increase their web presence. Re-branding their logo and website was the first step to this project. Getting them to the top of Google and keeping them there for their new Alpharetta office location was step two. Let’s take a look at the project scope:

Project Overview: 

  • New Design for Website
  • Integration of their contact forms and platform into website
  • Fully optimized to increase conversion rate
  • Easy function for clients to make appointments online
  • New Logo for an enhanced look
  • Monthly SEO services to increase Google rankings

Client Overview: 

Smilescapes specializes in both generalcosmetic, and sedation dentistry. Some areas of specialization include:

  • Dental Implants
  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Dental Crowns
  • Dental Bridges
  • Invisalign

Final Custom Designed Logo:

We wanted to bring a modern, chic theme to their new logo, while keeping it fresh and simple. Here is their final logo used today on all of their marketing materials:

 Atlanta Logo Design- SmileScapes


Final Custom Designed Theme:

We decided to go with calm colors such as the pale blues and whites, while adding a touch of bold with the logo and darker border lines. Their site is fully functional, using their dental platform for appointments and new patient contact forms.

Atlanta SEO Company- Smilescapes


SEO Services: 

In addition to re-branding their logo and website, we also took on the challenge of building them to the top of Google with reoccurring monthly services. Our monthly services include professional SEO blogging for their site as well as additional back linking sites to build their rankings. As of today, they stand in the number one position for “Dentist Alpharetta GA“.

Smilescapes SEO Rankings

You can also review our other SEO website projects here in our portfolio. For more information on our Atlanta SEO companycontact our X8 Team today.

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X8 Marketing Builds Website for JR Electrical LLC

Jun 15, 2012

JR Electrical LLC came to us with a new business approach they wanted to start. Jason, Owner and Operator, wanted to bring more business to his company and take JR Electrical to the next level. He knew one of the best ways  to achieve this was to gain exposure on the web with a proper website built out that was appealing to their demographic, easy to use and navigate, and promotable. We worked with Jason and his team during the process and built out a unique, one of a kind design to drive the message home. Below are the project details and final results!

Project Overview: 

  • New Design for Website
  • Custom Appeal
  • Fully optimized to increase conversion rate
  • Easy function

Client Overview: 

JR Electrical LLC specializes in both commercial and residential electrical services such as:

  • Install Recessed lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Install Electrical Outlets
  • Hardwired Smoke Detectors
  • Security Camera and Flood Lighting
  • Service and Panel Upgrades
  • Energy Efficient Solutions

Final Custom Designed Theme:

Helping new businesses gain a web presence with an sharp website is our speciality. Here is the new design for JR Electrical LLC:


Atlanta Website Design - JR Electrical


Today, JR Electrical remains on page one for “Atlanta Electrician GA” and continuing to work their way up to the top. Being on the page with a keyword centered around Atlanta can be challenging and very competitive, but they are holding down the grounds and growing stronger with proper SEO maintenance!

You can review their full site at

You can also review our other SEO website projects here in our portfolio. For more information on our Atlanta SEO servicescontact our X8 Team today.

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